Below you can find links to a general guide to INTO-CPS, the methods guidelines, examples compendium and the user manual.

If you are interested in the project deliverables, go to Publications.

INTO-CPS guide: This document is intended to provide an overview of the INTO-CPS technology as a whole (its foundations, its methodology and its tool chain). This is in particular intended for an audience who wish to get a first impression of what the INTO-CPS Association is providing.

Methods guidelines: This document provides methods guidance for the INTO-CPS technologies. It is aimed at end users of the technologies. It presents a concepts base, which describes the terminology used within INTO-CPS; guidelines on incorporating requirements engineering in the INTO-CPS technologies and workflows; descriptions and examples of the use of the updated INTO-SysML profile; guidance on modelling networks in multi-models; guidelines for the use of Design Space Exploration features of the INTO-CPS tool chain; and guidelines for traceability and model management in INTO-CPS.

Examples compendium: This document is intended for users of the INTO-CPS technologies and contains a collection of example and pilot study model descriptions demonstrating the INTO-CPS technology. Each study has a description of the example and of the models available for the study.

INTO-CPS tool chain user manual: This document is the user manual for the INTO-CPS tool chain. It is targeted at those wishing to make use of the INTO-CPS technology to design and validate cyber-physical systems. As a user manual, this deliverable is concerned with those aspects of the tool chain relevant to end-users, so it is necessarily high-level.