The following documents are deliverables from the INTO-CPS project. For the complete list of deliverables, go to Publications.


Methods guidelines 2: This document provides methods guidance for the INTO-CPS technologies. It is aimed at end users of the technologies. It presents a concepts base, which describes the terminology used within INTO-CPS; guidelines on incorporating requirements engineering in the INTO-CPS technologies and workflows; descriptions and examples of the use of the updated INTO-SysML profile; guidance on modelling networks in multi-models; guidelines for the use of Design Space Exploration features of the INTO-CPS tool chain; and guidelines for traceability and model management in INTO-CPS.

Examples compendium 2: This document is intended for users of the INTO-CPS technologies and contains a collection of example and pilot study model descriptions demonstrating the INTO-CPS technology. Each study has a description of the example and of the models available for the study. The examples demonstrate the INTO-CPS tools developed during the first two years of the INTO-CPS project.


INTO-CPS tool chain user manual: This document is the user manual for the INTO-CPS tool chain. It is targeted at those wishing to make use of the INTO-CPS technology to design and validate cyber-physical systems. As a user manual, this deliverable is concerned with those aspects of the tool chain relevant to end-users, so it is necessarily high-level.

INTO-CPS traceability design: This document covers the design of the traceability and model management features in INTO-CPS.


Design of the INTO-CPS Platform: This document contains the technical design documentation of the INTO-CPS platform at the end of the first year of the project. This is focused around the Co-simulation Orchestration Engine (COE) and the integration of a number of existing simulation tools making use of the Functional Mockup Interface (FMI).


DSE in the INTO-CPS Platform: This document includes in the first part information gathered from the industrial partners of INTO-CPS outlining the goals for DSE in each of their case studies. The second part gives details of the current state and outline plans for components of the DSE module including the current file and folder structure; a walkthrough of the DSE config file section describing the affect each has upon the DSE process; an outline of the DSE drivers currently available along with the other support files for handling interaction with the COE and presenting results and concludes with a description of how the analysis developed for DSE may be applied to single simulations so they may form part of the data set used to generate ranking reports.


SysML and FMI in INTO-CPS: This document defines how INTO-CPS/SysML profile is utilized into the INTO-CPS platform at the end of the first year of the project. The deliverable describes FMI and its usage followed by how FMI is used in the context of INTO-CPS SysML profile along with the mapping between INTO-CPS/SysML profile and FMI. Finally, the document indicates the FMU concepts are modelled using INTO-CPS profile.

SysML and FMI in INTO-CPS: This document describes how the INTO-CPS SysML profile has evolved during the Year 2 of INTO-CPS project. During Year 1, INTO-CPS SysML profile was mainly focussed on the architectural modelling of Cyber Physical Systems (CPSs). This architectural modelling has evolved during Year 2 and all updates are presented in this document. But the main evolution of the profile during Year 2 consists in the addition of the Design Space Exploration modelling concept also detailed in this deliverable.