Integrated Tool Chain for Model-based Design of Cyber-Physical Systems

In the INTO-CPS project, we created an integrated "tool chain" for comprehensive Model-Based Design (MBD) of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs). The tool chain supports the multidisciplinary, collaborative modelling of CPSs from requirements, through design, down to realisation in hardware and software. This enables traceability at all stages of the development. The IP from this project has been transferred to the INTO-CPS Association after the completion of the project.

The purpose of this association is to:

- maintain and develop further the software that has been created in the project.

- enable the widespread use of the software through open source licenses.

- promote its usage in academic and industrial settings.

- allow members to steer direction of development and incorporate software into products.


2019.01.10 | Seminar

Webinar: Presentation of in-kind contributions for 2019

At this INTO-CPS webinar two of the new members of the INTO-CPS Association, University of Pisa and Radboud University, will present what their plans are for in-kind contributions for 2018. These are related to incorporation of PVSio-web and the CoHLA framework in the INTO-CPS tool chain, respectively.

2018.06.18 | Events

General Assembly 2018

The General Assembly 2018 for the INTO-CPS Association will take place after the track on Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering at the ISoLA 2018 event on 9 November in Limassol, Cyprus. The General Assembly will start at 3pm (CET). It will be possible to attend remotely via WebEx.

2018.03.12 | Knowledge exchange

Final review a great success

The INTO-CPS project has been a great success with a very good final review in February, and with success stories from two of the project partners that the EU is very interested in learning more about.


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