2020.10.12 | Event type

General Assembly 2020

The General Assembly 2020 takes place on the 16 November from 15:30 to 17:00 CET in a virtual setting.

2019.06.24 | Meeting

General Assembly 2019

The INTO-CPS Association general assembly will be held in connection to the Overture workshop on 7 October 2019 at 16:15 (local time).

2019.05.10 | Seminar

Webinar: Demonstration of the new cloud-based INTO-CPS Application

At this webinar, we will demonstrate the new cloud-based INTO-CPS Application.

2019.01.10 | Seminar

Webinar: Presentation of in-kind contributions for 2019

At this INTO-CPS webinar two of the new members of the INTO-CPS Association, University of Pisa and Radboud University, will present what their plans are for in-kind contributions for 2018. These are related to incorporation of PVSio-web and the CoHLA framework in the INTO-CPS tool chain, respectively.

2018.06.18 | Events

General Assembly 2018

The General Assembly 2018 for the INTO-CPS Association will take place after the track on Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering at the ISoLA 2018 event on 9 November in Limassol, Cyprus. The General Assembly will start at 3pm (CET). It will be possible to attend remotely via WebEx.

2018.03.12 | Knowledge exchange

Final review a great success

The INTO-CPS project has been a great success with a very good final review in February, and with success stories from two of the project partners that the EU is very interested in learning more about.

2018.02.20 | Knowledge exchange

The INTO-CPS Association

The INTO-CPS Association has now been established and will provide access to the tools developed in the INTO-CPS project.